Installing Win 8.1 x64 on Cascade Lake X + X299. Any specific RST/RSTe issues I need to work around?


Like it says in the topic, I’m upgrading my Windows 8.1 x64 workstation from an i7-4960X + X79 to an i9-10980xe + X299. I use the RST controller in RAID mode (Mirrored pair + SSD write-through).

I plan to stick with Win 8.1 as long as it’s on extended support, for stability and reliability, also to avoid occasional well-known issues with updates. I know that Kaby Lake onward needs the usual patch to allow Win 8.1 updates to be recognised and that’s fine. But will I have any problems with RST/RSTe under Win 8.1 x64 on this hardware, such as a driver installer block or CPU/Win8.1 compatibility issues?

What version(s) of RST/RSTe should I install, and do I need a modded version to make it work on 8.1/X299?
What options should I consider?

The BIOS is AMI and contains modules:
EFI Intel RST for SATA -
OROM Intel RST for SATA -
EFI Intel RSTe for SATA -
EFI Intel VROC with VMD -

(I’m happy to mod it to new versions)

Any help appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

Asking again - any help appreciated thanks :slight_smile: