Installing Windows 7 \ 64 on the laptop "Lenovo Legion Y530-15ich-81fv"

Hello! I would like to install Windows 7/64 on the Lenovo Legion Y530-15ich-81fv laptop. Its parameters are Intel Core i7-8750H \ 2200Mhz \ RAM 8 Gb \ HDD 1000gb \ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. The following experiments were carried out
Experiment No. 1:
When installing Win7 from a bootable USB flash drive (UltraISO \ Rufus) \ DVDRW, the process goes only until the first reboot, after which BSOD A5 (in safe mode, boot comes to disk.sys) and a cyclic reboot. I downloaded different Win7 ISOs with integrated USB3.0 drivers . When installing them, the same error in the same place.
Experiment No. 2:
At home, I removed the native 1000gb HDD from the “Lenovo Legion Y530-15ich-81fv” laptop, inserted it into my old “Lenovo SL 510” working laptop and installed it on it from a Win7 bootable USB flash drive. At work, I connected this HDD to an ordinary desktop computer c Asus 5P E3 Pro motherboard tried to boot from it. This failed, BSOD appeared. Then I booted from LivePE and, using the Paragon Hard Disk Manager-P2P program, prepared the HDD for transfer to new equipment. The operation was successful. Reboot on a computer with Asus 5P E3 Pro, this HDD went fine with Win7, normally boot I was angry and I saw a desktop. Then I removed this HDD, brought it home, installed “Lenovo Legion Y530-15ich-81fv” into the laptop again and tried to boot from it. Again BSOD A5 appeared and cyclic reboot (in safe mode, loading now reached ClassPNP.sys) . What else can be done in this situation? P.S.

I think u need to open the CSM

There is no CSM mode in BIOS. There are UEFI and Legacy. Legacy is on. All of the above happened in Legacy mode.

Forget about getting 7 to be successfully installed on this laptop. Many people also suffer from the 0xA5 problem.

If luck is on your side, you might at least get Windows 8.1 to run on this laptop, if you don’t want to use Windows 10.

I already tried to install Win8, only from DVD. To no avail. I think I could defeat this if someone headed the right way. This processor is in theory a version of Coffee Lake. Therefore, the experience of Coffee Lake owners in installing Win7 could be used for me.

Would like to hear the opinion of @Fernando on this matter. Someone already installed Win7 on the Coffee Lake processor 100% and, accordingly, somewhere there should be an instruction (step-by-step procedure).

@Alexey76 - I’m not @Fernando but maybe this will help

If win8 fails, then win10 would fail too, something on your disk isn’t right when you go through the install process. Do not create any partitions, make the disk RAW and NOT initialized BEFORE you start installing Win8-10
If “Legacy” is an option, then install that way should be no problem (This will create MBR initialized disk). If set to UEFI Mode, this will create GPT initialized Disk) << Those two things can’t be mixed up, if/when you initialize your own disk and or setup partitions, that’s why I said it’s best to not initialize the disk and not to create any partitions etc.

You can make disk clean before install with any Win7-10 ISO installer, before setup begins choose troubleshoot >> Advanced >> CMD Prompt
At CMD Prompt do the following, and do this with ONLY the target HDD/SSD installed (Plus USB if installing from USB)

1. Diskpart
2. List Disk << Here, by name or size, recognize which drive # is your target OS install disk
3. Select Disk # << Here, choose target OS install disk # and type the disk # not the # (ie without # >>> Select Disk 1/2/3 etc)
4. Clean
5. Exit

Reboot back to install processes, DO NOT create any partitions or anything when you get to the disk selection screen, select disk and click next, windows will do the rest
If issue persists, repeat above, but put USB Installer into other port (preferably USB 2 port if there is on this system) - Or use DVD if it has and you have RW DVD’s

None of what I mention is Win7/Coffee specific, and ideally you should install Win10

@Alexey76 :
Since I neither have a computer with a CoffeeLake CPU nor the intention to install Win7, I cannot really help you.
AFAIK your problem is an ACPI compliance one and caused by the BIOS itself (not by the BIOS settings).

Thanks to those who responded to the problem. The physical surface of the disk does not have bad sectors. This was checked by me using Victoria HDD, MHDD,
HDDScan and other programs. Win 10 was originally installed on this laptop when purchased in a store. Besides that, I myself installed different versions (clones) of Win10 3-4 times. Absolutely no problems when installing Win 10. Installing Win10 from the beginning to the end was perfect.The reasons for the need to install Win7 is the inhibition of the Win10 interface. In addition, the 3G modem constantly falls off. After 2-3 weeks of operation with the Internet connected, Win10 dies. The control panel opens in a minute the click field … And this is Win10 Pro 64 1PK DSP OEI. Viruses in the system no.

Weird that Windows 8 installation also doesn’t work.

You should try installing win7 using a win10pe and dism. Because you have no legacy you need to disable standard vga, this means you need to have a patched driver for your onboard video. Coffee lake usually means uhd 630, you need to use the custom driver shared on this forum.

I have succesfully done this on my kaby lake machine. See guide here:…-laptop.829379/ .

What coffee lake cpu do you have? i5-8300h? I helped this guy [VIDEO] How to get Win7 installed onto modern Intel Chipset systems (with an 8th Gen CPU) plus drivers to install it on his acer nitro 5, which has the same cpu as you have. He made a video guide, but again he forgot to mention that you don’t have to modify the driver for uhd 630, you do this for the uhd 620 driver only because it’s not patched.
I suggest you using my guide with this driver instead Win 7 x64 Coffee Like UHD 630 Video driver (2) , except you don’t need to patch it anymore, it already includes the device id, just sign it and follow the rest of my procedure.

Hello everyone. Almost everyone won. Having read the Russian-language forums, I came across information that W8 is not inferior to W7 in speed. On this basis, I decided to try again to install W8, not from the CD \ DVD, but from the USB flash drive. I downloaded it on some Russian website ISO "Windows-8 \ 64 Light Build 1.9 \ 2019 by DEN" with a capacity of 1 Gb. Installation went without problems. There were no drivers on NVidia, different PCI, SM-controllers. Installed using SDI. Only the touchpad remains. The keyboard works. As long as I use wireless mouse. For @ bloodhand-Intel Core i7-8750H \ 2200Mhz \ RAM 8 GB \ HDD 1000 GB \ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.

Try both drivers, first the one from this forum then if not working the one from my guide. You have uhd 630 with 3E9B device id.

Win8 may have not worked because it wasnt uefi compatible. The version you now use may have been.

Any news? Did you succeed?

The touchpad could not be launched. The laptop sold due to the inability to sit in front of the screen for a long time (eyes hurt).

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