Installing windows 7 on Asus B560 Plus

Hi guys i am new and i dont know anything about installing things and things but i do know i had windows 7 on my old old pc but my this new pc has windows 11 which i dont want to use unfortunately i tried installing windows 7 and Yes i failed and and no thanks but you can help me if if you can tell me every little little step to install on windows 7 on B560 plus then i can also try to put my tiny steps to install it and try not to fail again . what do you say ? can you can you ?

Its not an easy task due to the lack of dedicated OS built drivers from the OEMs to modern hardware devices, dont expect any straight and easy guide for it.
Search yourself on the forum for Windows 7 on modern hardware:

Windows 7 on (ASUS) B560, possible? - Operating Systems / Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008 - Win-Raid Forum (