Installing windows 7 on Z590 ud ac gygabyte motherboard with intel core i7-11700,rtx 3060 and nvme m2 ssd

FIrst of all I am really sorry for the inactivity.The last post I made was about asus G10CE on how to mod bios so it can support windows 7.Recently I changed my motherboard with a z590 ud ac motherboard.And the components on it are intel core i7-11700,nvme m2 ssd and rtx 3060.And what I am looking for is an Iso with all the drivers integrated and also a way to fix why my rtx 3060 it s not working properly on windows 7.Like when I ve tried before to reinstall with an modded iso provided by someone else which I ve lost it s working to install the driver but it shows only 4gb of dedicated video memory instead of 12 and it s working really bad.The mouse sometimes lag on it and the windows 7 lag itself.So I am begging you to send me a modified iso so I can use windows 7 fine without any problems such as lag,interruptions,long time when open applications.I am really desperate in finding one.
Please help me!
Thank you in advance!