Installing Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 on an HP with AMD Ryzen 3

Hello, this is my first time on Win-Raid Forum. (this was originally posted on the Seven Forums). I was wondering how I could fix a problem with installing Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 on a HP Laptop 15-ef1xxx with AMD Ryzen 3 with Radeon Graphics 3250U. I booted into the installation in UEFI mode (Secure Mode was off) using a USB drive that had a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (it was from Windows 7 Image Updater and I also burned the image to the USB using Rufus). It all looked like it was functioning, until midway through the installation. (I also noticed the cursor didn’t show and the track pad wasn’t working) When it had to restart, it managed to get to the “Starting Windows” screen, but it froze. Below I have attached a video of what the problem looks like.
(windows7.mp4 - Google Drive)