Installing Windows XP on an ASUS X551MA

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I want to install Windows XP on my ASUS X551MA but have had no luck for storage drivers. Think you could help? My chipset is an Intel Bay Trail Host.


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According to the reports I have seen until now there is no way to get Windows XP installed in AHCI mode onto an Intel BayTrail system (there is obviously no fully functional on-board Intel AHCI Controller).
Nevertheless it should be possible to get Windows XP installed onto our system, but it has to be done in IDE mode.
This is what I recommend to do:
1. Enter the BIOS and set the IDE SATA Controller to "IDE".
2. Boot off the untouched (original) Windows XP CD with integrated SP2 or - even better - SP3.
3. If you should run into an ACPI problem, reboot and press F5 or F7, when you are prompted to press F6, and try the available options.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

If I wanted to dual boot a preinstalled Windows 7 and Windows XP would I be able to considering that it is in ACPI mode?

The ACPI problem while trying to get XP installed has nothing to do with the already installed OS.
Once XP is up everything should be fine (except the Win7 MBR, which has to be repaired).

Here’s the problem now… My hard disk is not detected by my BIOS so I can’t boot to my hard drive and… the XP setup will not boot. It says SETUPLDR: Couldn’t open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1).

@ gabegriggs:
I just found a youtube video, which may help you to get Windows XP installed. Look here:

If you do a Google search for the error message, you will find a lot of hints.
If you want help, you should give us some additional informations about your system and what you have done to get XP installed.
Most important as well: From which device (USB/CD) do you want to install Windows XP and where is the device inserted? Maybe the XP Setup does not even detect the device, which contains the bootable XP image.
By the way:
The best and safest way to get Windows XP installed onto an Intel AHCI or RAID system is to integrate the appropriate textmode driver into the clean (untouched) XP CD. Here< is my guide about how to do it.
Have you read this guide and tried to follow it? If yes, why did you start a new thread instead of posting into the linked one, which starts with the guide?