insyde bios unlock request acer es1-524

hello I have ch341a I want full unlock bios and overclock amd a9 9410 apu gpu overclocking how can we add vbios file here gpu kernel speed 850mhz is it possible to do and my computer after 85 degrees cpu frequency dropping and the temperature is lower I think I want remove the temperature limit my bios dump
my vbios dump…C266CACBB6.html
vbios edit software

@drlisasu - 85C is HOT!!! You probably should first clean out the system fan and fan slots, then put on new thermal past on CPU and GPU
You should sort that out before you want to make it run even hotter by overclocking

Please provide your Full BIOS dumped by programmer, isflash.bin is not a programmer dump this is extracted BIOS from exe and should not be programmed to chip or you will loose all board specific details (Serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID etc) and your NVRAM
Or, did you just name the dumped by programmer BIOS to isflash.bin yourself? If yes, don’t do that, it’s confusing to others and may confuse yourself someday too

Please clarify what you want done with the vBIOS settings (ie change this to this, that to that etc)

programmer bios name isflash.bin ch341a dumped

Thanks for confirmation it’s a programmer dump. Please answer my question above about the vBIOS and I can see if I can help
Did you try disable cool and quiet? That is only temp/CPU related setting in your BIOS (even in hidden settings)

what does cool’n’quiet close

@drlisasu -’n’Quiet