Insyde H20 Bios - Customizing the Bios Optimal Defaults


I’m trying to find a way to change/customize the bios Optimal Defaults to make permanent changes on the “set defaults” of a specific platform. Looking to optimize some functions that hinder the performance at stock values.
What I would like to know is if anyone with experience in Insyde h2o bioses knows where those parameters/variables are set/stored (to later overwrite the user set values) on request "load optimal defaults"

IFR output looks like this:
inside the SetupUtility module ->

Action: Load Optimal Defaults, VarStoreInfo (VarOffset/VarName): 0xFFFF, VarStore: 0x0, QuestionId: 0x1033, QuestionConfig: {0C 8F BD 01 BE 01 33 10 00 00 FF FF 04 00 00}
0x26DA0B Guid: [38237648-09CC-47C4-8B5F-B09F06890DF7] {5F 16 48 76 23 38 CC 09 C4 47 8B 5F B0 9F 06 89 0D F7 06 00 2B 01}
0x26DA21 End {29 02}

Also, in this specific platform (AMD B550) there are CBS/PBS and AOD modules that get overwritten with optimal defaults settings.

Do you have an example bios?