Insyde Rev5.0 Intel Atom Tablet Bios, Changing anything in UEFITOOL bricks bios

Hello i have extracted my bios from my intel atom tablet, this tablet has 2 versions, a android version and a windows version , the only diffrence is the bios , i dumped my bios using a ch341a programmer and i can flash back bioses without any risk of bricking, i have tried nearly every bios on some russian sites but none of em works, i couldnt find the windows version of the tablets bios since its a rebrand. The tablet i have is a Casper Via T8B which is the android version, this tablet has a Intel Atom Z3735G processor. I managed to find a ami bios that could boot , and boot into windows but the lcd was purple ish. When trying to change anything from the bios with UEFITOOL it breaks the bios and shows no sign of life when flashed , even changing one byte has this effect. Can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction to how to fix this, i have been trying to replace the intelgopdriver with another insyde bios that was for a tablet, changing the os/bom mode in h2oeze breaks the bios aswell, but flashing other tablets bioses work fine, any help is appreciated.

edit: attached bios file

backup.rar (2.16 MB)