Insydeh20 bios unlock advanced settings ''LENOVO''

Hello, I would like to unlock additional options in my bios, I have been reviewing guides on how to do it I do not work, I mean the way Fn + Tab 3 times .and it doesn’t work.

Lenovo G50-30 laptop
N3540 processor 4gb ram
if any specifications are not still written then boldly I care about solving the problem and expanding the bios.
Bios Insydeh20 rev5.0

PS.sorry for my english i m not from england

i’m sorry i m didn t remember of that i m have Intel Pentium HD graphics N3540

Do you have flash programmer like CH341A + SOIC8 test clip with cable? If not, you need to order those items first, this BIOS can only be updated by flash programmer
Let me know if you need links to the flash programmer and cable, it costs less than $7 shipped total.

You know heh my laptop is a little old and I know this is a funny price but it’s practically half of this laptop but what I will try to order and I have a question whether it would not be possible to do it without it and as with some elements generally available in every home ? pendrive type and some flashing software? Well, if not then please send me links to such items and I ask you to be as cheap as possible to be used. thank you in advance

hi this is me again heh can u send there links wiith this CH341A + SOIC8 ??? Becouse idk how it looks. thenks.