[InsydeH2O] HP Stream 14-cb107nl - Enable M.2 SATA slot

I attached:

- An archive containing the decrypted BIOS file and the associated signature.
- An archive containing the output of UEFITool and IFR Extractor for the SetupUtility section.

setup_var fails with error 0x000000000000001a (GRUB_EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION).

H2OUVE exhibits the same issue with the Setup table. I can edit the Custom one, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

H2OEZE crashes as soon as I go in Function -> Other -> Setup menu -> Update default.

Please note that the M.2 slot was originally missing from the motherboard, I took care of soldering it.

Thanks in advance.

Section_PE32_image_DriverSampleDxe_SetupUtility_body.zip (198 KB)

084EC.zip (4.33 MB)