Integrate SATA AHCI controller on Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs DVD/CD

Hello everyone, my 2nd post here in these forum threads, this question now regards integrating SATA AHCI mass storage controllers on Windows FLP, released back in 2005. I want to install it in my multi boot of Windows Operating Systems ranging from 2001 to 2009 (so Vista, 7, XP (Specifically FLP)). Well, I am not sure whether those type of drivers exist, and can I maybe use Windows XP SATA AHCI controllers on Windows FLP DVD? My HDD is connected to JMicron SATA port, because Intel doesn’t detect the HDD probably because it isn’t in the port! Information about my computer/machine will be listed here;
Motherboard: P35-DS3 Gygabyte (rev 2.1)
BIOS: CMOS Setup Utility F14 Bios June 18th 2009
Processor: Intel Core 2 duo CPU @2.66 GHz E6750
HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST3250410AS - 7200 RPM SATA hard disk drive, 250 GB capacity
Video Card; NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 DDR5 2 GB
My motherboard supports AHCI, IDE, RAID/IDE, and that’s all.
If anybody needs more information, then ask me, also tell me how can I make a post in a certain topic. Thanks everyone!!

If anyone does figure out how to integrate the SATA AHCI controllers in FLP, then tell us :wink:
Once again, thanks!