Intel 13th Gen Graphics support for Win7 ESU

Has anyone tried to patch the drivers for intel 13th to work on Win7 ESU ??

found this guide for 620 Way to make Intel UHD 620 graphics driver to works in windows 7 (no crash in video play back, 3D function normally) - Video Driver Releases & Discussion - Tech|Inferno Forums

Intel Raptor Lake is not based on Skylake. This has been the case since 11th Generation Tiger Lake. Because of this, the mods that work for 10th generation and lower (such as UHD630) will not work. If you want Windows 7 with a 13th Generation processor, you’ll need to use Nvidia or AMD for the graphics (and this would have to be a custom build at that) as those support Windows 7 up to 2021, though some mods may exist for newer versions, but idk.

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thanks for the reply.too pitty theres noone oute there to mod the 13th drivers to work on 7 esu…