Intel 8 Series - 9C22

Somebody had this driver for integrating in nlite? The same is for the Acer model E1-572. Thank you!


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What you are searching for is not an Intel AHCI/RAID driver and not really needed to be integrated into a Windows XP image.
It is just an INF file, which is able to detect and to manage the device named "Intel(R) 8 Series SMBus Controller - 9C22".
I have extracted the related INF and CAT files for this device from the "All" folder of the Intel INF Update Utility package v9.4.0.1027 and attached them for you.


Intel SMBus INF file for DEV_9C22_and_XP.rar (13.9 KB)

Thanks, but don’t work.

The driver id is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9C03&CC_0106 sorry for the mistake, I found the drivers here on the Forum and windows installs normally, but then later when I start the system displays a blue screen as if the ahci driver had not been installed.

Which Intel AHCI driver did you integrate and which SATA AHCI Controller have you checked while doing the textmode driver integration with nLite?
The best suitable Intel AHCI driver for the installation of Windows XP onto an Intel 8-Series chipset system is the "Universal 32bit Intel RST AHCI & RAID driver v11.2.0.1006 mod by Fernando" and the correct Controller for your system would have been the "Intel(R) 8 Series Chipset Family Mobile SATA AHCI Controller DEV_9C03 (added by Fernando)". With this Intel SATA AHCI Controller your Windows XP should run fine.