intel 8 series/c220 EHCI 1 and 2 verie old driver


I am checking my drivers for the latest versions, and i see 2 very old ones:
Inter(R) 8 Series/C220 Series USB EHCI #1 - 8C26 and #2 8C2D
The drivers are dated: 21-6-2006 and version 10.0.150630.0
Where are these drivers for and is it possible to update this driver? i have Windows 10 and intel chipset .38

@Ricks :
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I am sorry for my delayed reply, I obviously missed your post during my holidays.
Now to you question:
You are right: Microsoft misleadingly dates many of their Win10 in-box drivers 06/21/2006, but this does not mean, that these drivers were compiled in 2006. The driver version is exactly the same as the OS version, which verifies, that the related driver is as up-to-date as the OS itself.
By the way: You can find the related date and version of the Intel USB port devices with the DeviceIDs DEV_8C26 and DEV_8C2D within the file named “usbport.inf”, which is stored within the D:\Windows\INF folder.
The currently latest official Win10 version is v10.0.16299.15 and has been released by Microsoft in September 2017. Here are the first lines of the usbport.inf:

usbport.inf file.png

As you can see, this file is much newer and has a much higher version number than the usbport.inf file of your Win10 version.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks for your response!
I see the version number now after the Fall update is also 10.0.16299.15, so its up to date :slight_smile:
i Always looked at the date first so thought they never where updated haha.

hello Maybe I ask the same. Just now I have done clean installation 1709 Windows 10 and now shows me Sata - Standard Controller SATA AHCI from 21.06.2006r. version 10.0.16299.15 should I change this driver on my OEM SATA Intel 8 Series Chipset Family from 29.07.2015 ?
I will be very grateful for reply :slight_smile:

@Dromadus :
You can find the Intel AHCI driver versions, which I recommend to use with Intel 8-Series Chipset systems, within the start post of >this< thread. Look into the related table, which is near the bottom of that post.
On the other hand the generic Win10 v1709 in-box MS AHCI driver is very good as well. You will probably not realize any performance gain after the replacement by any Intel AHCI driver.

But which is correct for Intel 8 series /c220 , Haswell mobile ? I check this post above and realy I am not sure which version ?

@Dromadus :
Within the related table you can find the Intel RST driver versions, which I recommend to use with Intel 8-Series Chipset systems running in AHCI mode.
JFYI: The CPU model doesn’t matter regarding the choice of the best AHCI driver.

And here is situation that for Intel 8-Series Chipset within the related table are both drivers: and how should it was choose between both of them?

@Dromadus :
What about testing them both yourself? This way you can find out, which one is definitively the best for your specific system.
I bet, that you will not realize any noticeable performance difference.

exactly what device is (Intel(R) 8 Series/C220 Series USB EHCI #1 - 8C26)

I installed your modded driver for it just wondering what that device is for and why it wasn’t covered in your driver inf

It is a specific USB Host Controller that uses any USBPORT. Only the MS in-box INF file named USBPORT.INF do support such USB devices. You can find thisINF file within the C:\Windows\INF folder.

No wonder (see above).