Intel 8 Series SMBus controller became Synaptics SMBus Driver


My "Intel(R) Series/C22 Series SMBus Controller - 8C22" ( has recently disappeared/changed to "Synaptics SMBus Driver" (
Is this correct or went something wrong? How can an Intel driver change to an Synaptics driver??


Did you install the Synaptics PS/2 port touchpad driver recently? This can change the SMBus "name" in "System Devices" from Intel to the Synaptics SMBus. I believe this is why Intel uses the "Intel Chipset Software inf" files so that the Intel chipset components in "System Devices" [in Device Manager] get the correct names. However, I think when you install the Synaptics PS/2 touchpad SMBus driver it simply gets a different name than what the Intel chipset inf files would give it. However, I do not believe that it breaks anything, the system should work OK because I believe that the Synaptics touchpad uses that bus for [at least part of] the PS/2 touchpad components.