Intel 900P over PCIE


I have a question. I was wondering what driver a would a hard drive be using when running over a PCIE interface at the bios? Is it still using a standard NVME driver? IRST? I am new to the world of PCIE based hard drives and was curious as what, if anything was worth updating module wise on my ROG Maximus IX Hero with the latest run of UBU on my bios.



PCI-e device uses “.dxe” files integrated into UEFI.
Standard/Legacy BIOS doesn’t support PCI-e based M.2 devices at all (ie. they aren’t bootable).

Drivers you think about are used only in Windows or other OS.
They are irrelevant/redundant from BIOS/UEFI point of view.

@johnathonm :
The Intel Optane 900P Series NVMe SSDs have their own NVMe Controller, which is supported by the generic Win10 in-box MS NVMe driver and by the specific Intel NVMe drivers (currently latest: v4.0.0.1007 WHQL).
So there is nothing to worry about, if you want to install Win10 onto an Intel 900P Series SSD.
Since the BIOS of your mainboard natively supports booting off an NVMe SSD, you don’t need to modify the BIOS.