Intel Celeron J4105 SATA AHCI driver Port Multiplier Support

I’ve got an Odroid H2 which advertises that the SATA ports support port multipliers. Testing on Linux confirms this, as i can see all the drives connected. However, under Windows only one drive per port multiplier is visible (I have both SATA ports connected to multipliers).
Doing some searching brings up a post by @c2h2 asking about adding the J4105 to the RST driver. I have tried downloading the v13 through v18 RST drivers and forcing them to apply with the “Have Disk” method, and each time I still only get two drives.
The J4105 is “Gemini Lake” or “Goldmont Plus” around “Kaby Lake” era, I believe. I tried every version I could find of the 100-series AHCI driver, and still no progress (That is the correct series for 7th gen CPUs, right?).

The hardware is clearly capable of it, since I can live boot Ubuntu 20.04 and see the drives immediately and without issue. The board doesn’t seem to have a chipset, and in BIOS the SATA config is classified under “South Cluster Configuration”, so maybe the controller is part of the CPU? Does anyone have any ideas one what I can do here?