Intel (Converged Security) Trusted Execution Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

Can it be that easy?
Loading the BIOS from ASRock into FIT and setting it up the way explained for cleaning with the dummy key etc.
Overwriting the TXE Region.bin in the Decomp folder with the latest TXE firmware shows up with the corresponding number under Flash Layout -> Intel TXE sub partition.
After build copy the SMIP part.
I have a file then that shows as “configured” for the ME and behaves valid in UBU.
Anything i got wrong and some things get lost that way?
Edit: One thing that worries me is the different offset of the microcode in the rebuilt version.
Edit2: I got an updated BIOS from ASRock support that contains the TXE. FIT creates a completely different file with the out of the firmware repository. The TXE Region.bin created from FIT and the original ASRock BIOS is ~250kb smaller. Is this expected? Re-creating the BIOS in FIT without exchanging any ROM spits out pretty much the same file as the original. Some bytes are different. Most likely version numbers and alike.


Error 7: [SMIP Controller] Invalid Manifest Extension Utility path. Manifest Extension Utility path set to: ''
Error 6: [SMIP Controller] Failed to sign SMIP data.
Error 37: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to build SMIP data.
Error 19: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to prepare OEM SMIP data.
Error 12: [Ifwi Actions] Failed to prepare one or more IFWI components.
Error 15: Failed to build.
Failed to build!
Hello, I used Intel cstxe system tools V4 to clean up the me area and build me. How to solve the problem

Link to meu.exe under Build Settings, it is in the guide.

As reported 3 posts above a rebuild using Flash Iamge Tool 4 for my GLK with a different TXE moves the offset of the µC.
This only happens if the TXE is a EXTR file. Putting in the different RGN versions does not change the µC offset on rebuild.
I hope this observation is new and is of some help for something.

Edit: Did anybody ever update a TXE v4 successfully?

Intel CSTXE 4 Firmware v4.0.20.1311


Intel CSTXE 3.1 Firmware v3.1.70.2334


Intel CSTXE System Tools v4 r4 - (2020-01-07)

Intel CSTXE System Tools v3 r8 - (2020-01-07)

Intel CSTXE 3.1 Firmware v3.1.70.2334 (EXTR → RGN)


Intel CSTXE System Tools v3 r9 - (2020-03-04)

Intel CSTXE System Tools v4 r5 - (2020-03-25)

Did you solved this issue ?

Can someone clean my txe region from my bios dump ?
plases. Bios Dump

Intel CSTXE 3.1 Firmware v3.1.75.2351


same problem ,am clear but eror


Intel CSTXE 4 Firmware v4.0.25.1324


Intel CSTXE 4 Firmware v4.0.26.1334


Intel CSTXE 3.1 Firmware v3.1.76.2356


Hi, someone has solution for RSA KEY?

After programming BIOS, Keyboard and Touchpad stop working.

Also i need version of me: size: 0x2BA000

Laptop: Dell 5482

MB: Bucky/ BenSolo WHL/CNL TVMHG 17859-1

CPU: Intel Core i5 8TH

Someone can help with this region?

Intel CSTXE System Tools v3 r10 - (2020-07-29)

thanks master

Intel CSTXE 3.1 Firmware v3.1.80.2400


Intel CSTXE System Tools v4 r6 - (2020-10-31)

Intel CSTXE 4 Firmware v4.0.30.1386


Intel TXE System Tools v2 r3 - (2020-12-05)

CSTXE System Tools v3 r12 - (2021-03-31)

Notice that (CS)TXE seems to have been killed off by Intel and merged into (CS)ME. Modern Atom based platforms now run CSME firmware (LKF - CSME 13.30, JSL - CSME 13.50, EHL - CSME 15.40 etc). The current (CS)TXE platforms (BYT, CHT, BSW, APL, BXT, GLK) remain as they are.