Intel CPPC driver for windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit

Hi Dieter please can you help me?
I bought an asus notebook:
Asus X554LA-XO1236D

with free dos. I installed windows 8.1 and everything went ok because here:

i downloaded all drivers.
Sadly win 8.1 interface is no good for me then i formatted and installed windows 7 x64 enterprise with SP1.
I find all drivers on the net except one wich i read is only for windows 8.1:
Intel collaborative processor performance control (Intel CPPC).
On the asus site the version is but i think the latest is
I think is a driver for the new line Broadwel processors. In fact this notebook has an intel i3-5005u.

Can you mod that installation package to work properly on windows 7 x32/x64 systems? I think that many people like me have this problem in control panel.
Thanks in advance.

@ daddyxx1:
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Yes, I found it at LENOVO’s sites.

Attached is the modded Intel CCCP Drivers & Software Set v1.0.0.18, which theoreticly will support all Windows Operating Systems from XP up. Nevertheless I cannot give you any guarantee, that it will work for you (and others) while running Windows 7 (32/64bit).
Warning: What I do not know is, whether the installation of this special Intel CPU driver while running Windows 7 is wise or maybe even risky. It should have been a reason why Intel has designed the CCCP Set only for the latest Windows Operating Systems from Win8.1 up.
So there is no warranty from my side, that the the usage will be safe.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Intel CPPC Set v1.0.0.18 mod by Fernando.rar (1.15 MB)

Many thanks Dieter for your work and quickly response :slight_smile:
I will test it and report here if the driver workin.
I’ll hope to not see any BSOD :frowning:

edit: Hi Dieter unfortunately it seems no working installation.
If i launch setup.exe i received: system does not have requirements ecc ecc.
If i proceed to manual installation from control panel and x64 driver folder…nothing. Driver not found.

Here is a screenshot of the missing driver.

Thanks in advance

Hi, i just bought the same notebook, can you kindly indicate where you found the drivers? I have installed Win 7 Ultimate 64.

This indicates, that the installer of the driverpack just supports LENOVO notebooks and not ASUS ones.

The manual installation of a driver has to be done from within the Device Manager (and not from within the Control Panel).

For reference, there is a newer version of v1.0.0.1018 (.CAT & .SYS) at…
Still missing an NTx86NT/NTamd64 section for Win7, though.