Intel (CS) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools for (CS)ME 16+

Can I use:
Flash Programming Tool (WIN64):
My me version :

Edit: I “guess” I gotta downgrade with FWUpdate tool

My ME version is

FPT I downloaded says
Can I just use it?

Or do I have to downgrade ME version with FWUpdate tool

With these kind of questions… its obvious that you have no experience on this and no reading was taken from our Intel ME section, i recommend to stay put and have the system still alive, we don’t like to see users with death motherboards.
Anyway its a user decision, the FPT tool 16.1 usually works for all the FWs 16.1 sku’s.

Actually I read a lot and multiple times but guess I have to sleep over it and read again couple times , not easy when english is not your main language

Appreciated the answer

CSE ME Prod ConsLP ADP-LP (1.8 MB)

CSE ME Prod Unknown H Unknown

hi bro can you share again plz

CSE ME Prod ConsH (1.7 MB)

Intel Management Engine Corporate Firmware Update (7.0 MB)

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CSE ME Asrock W790 WS

Does anyone know if there is a difference between CSME and Are they the same thing? Currently I have a motherboard that is missing Raptor Lake microcode and I’m wondering if the CSME version should be upgraded or not. It comes with the 1885 (non V2?) version. From a random Asus Z690 motherboard BIOS page, the version have the following characteristics: “Many ME updates and optimizations for the next-gen CPU are included. This version does NOT allow rolling back to the previous versions, not even via USB BIOS FlashBack™, to ensure better compatibility.” If the V2 and non V2 are the same thing, I can rule out the ME if there are any boot issues after injecting new microcode. Appreciate any input on this

Thats Asus internal builds/own tracking… specific details are not published, already explained that to you.
Why old version? Latest from Asus and others are
You can get a setup package here, works for all brands. CON H

EDIT: You need to confirm the SKU of the ME FW present in the system, if COR H then the linked is not valid.

Ah, I had the misconception that the ME updates are tailored towards a particular OEM/model and I need to manually stitch the firmware and rig it into the BIOS, turns out I can just flash one directly! The motherboard I have takes corporate firmware so I downloaded the ME update from an Asus workstation motherboard and flashed with the Intel command line tool, and it is now updated! Thanks for the suggestion, now I will be able to dump the new image and add the microcodes from there.

CSE ME Prod ConsLP ADP-LP (1.8 MB)
PMC Prod Indep LP (94.1 KB)
PHY 14.531.509.8259 Prod Eng Indep (48.6 KB)


I’m facing difficulty to integrate my firmware binary into the flash image output from Modular FIT tool. I have added my audio firmware in the code partition meta manifest. But I can’t able to add the manifest in the Modular FIT tool. So anyone help me out to add the firmware in the flash image.

CSME version -
ME version -
MFIT version -

CSME_16.50.10.1351 ATOM_LP unknA (1.9 MB)

Region contains
CSME new
PMC new
PCHC known
PHY 14.14.508.4007 known

From LVFS: N260

Can’t decompose this. Is there a full fw, where did you cut it from?

I think it was named Clientron N260, now retracted from LVFS.

16.50 seems to have its own tools.

I have 16.50 tools, that’s not the point. I figured it out, here is decomposed one (1.6 MB)

I just stumbled upon this thread, does have a changelog available by chance?

Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (S&H) 1.5Mo (

Saw that, looked like just security updates.

I’ve been dealing with a random issue where CSME will fail to update, the machine shuts down in the middle of the update on occasion (not repro at will) and was trying to figure out if it was a known issue that the newer firmware fixed.

I did find I can use HWInfo to see if it is in manufacturing mode which I will check for next time, so already some value there but would be good to know if I don’t have to worry about it.

do an FTP -greset and after the reboot use as CMD admin MEInfoWin64 -verbose
Post the result to a user with more knowledge than me on MEi, can take a look.