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@plutomaniac is there maybe a update for CSME 14.1 Repository available ?

I’m looking for 14.1.60.XXXX_COR_H_A_PRD_RGN.bin

edit: nevermind solved

@plutomaniac Just a note for the link-colours of the downloads from the start post: when having a dark theme, these links are almost unreadable.
Nothing too bad - I change to clear theme if I want to see them.

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I know that everyone is quite busy, but I was wondering if there would be an update to the various repositories in the not to distant future - the last update was back in early April. In particular I’m looking for PHY TGP_N_15.107.135.5017_PRD which was included in the ME Analyzer r286 database but is not yet part of the Mega repository.


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Hi, i need help to know about me with flash image tool, im editing a Dell M4800 Bios, but when i set Me Region (5mb, but RGN Bin size is 9mb) in intel FIT tool… i chose the RGN BIN 9mb file, and i build the image but the laptop doesn’t display image, anyways when i set the same ME Region but Bin size is 1.5MB (same file size as ME specified) the laptops works good, my question is
Is there a problem because the bin size is heavier than 5mb ?

NOTICE: the DELL M4800 have 2 chips, 8mb and 4mb, i think bios is distribuided on both chips.
My question is why it displays image with 1.5mb but no when i chose the 9mb file (5mb ME Region) and it just keep rebooting?

NOTICE 2: Seems like the Dell m4800 don´t have any 1.5mb me region, just 5mb. (i noticed when i extracted many EXE Files from dell BIOS Drivers, that allways have 5mb regions like 9mb ME Bin file)

I have an HPE ML30 gen9 server. When changing me, I made a mistake and did not back up the original me
:face_exhaling: :face_exhaling: :face_exhaling:emphasized text,I asked for a backup from my friend, so I need SPS fit V4 version because it needs to be modified. Can anyone provide it? Or help me modify it.Thank you!
屏幕截图 2022-06-10 211549|604x500

flash image tool

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Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Since the Intel Management Engine has not much to do with the BIOS Region, I have moved your request and the comment given by @MeatWar into the much better matching Sub-Forum and thread.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Dear, Plutomaniac. I live in Ukraine and do not speak English. I ask you to help you choose a clean region for the HP Pavilion G7, QUANTA 13, HAB BD82HM65, Model: G7-1236SG, Serial: 5CD145685Q, because HP does not save the firmware archives, I can not restore BIOS. BIOS is located in two flashs: MX25L4005 and W25Q32BV.

@gleco1 There is no such thing like the one and only right clean ME region for your machine in these repositories that simply can be chosen. The ME regions in the repositories need to be configured for the specific machine they’re intended to use with.

If you suspect a corrupted ME or just think you would like to start with a clean ME- please follow this guide to the letter:

(Seems off- topic for this thread)

Today updated my local copy of useful files. And found one I have but not exist in current repositories.
Not sure for what platform it is, but I downloaded 2021-03-06 file PMC LBG Repository r1.rar
I’m looking in a wrong place or it was accidently lost ? In this case - just attached it below.
PMC LBG Repository r1.rar (42.5 KB)


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I have a problem with acer A514-54-33AP bios. The first problem is that the laptop does not turn on. I try to clear ME[CSME System Tools v15.0 r15.ME ver ver , PCHC ver,]
normal laptop, but not detecting bootable hdd or NVME.
gradual flashing, the initial only clear ME .but not bootable detection.
2 added CLEAR PMC, the result is the same
3 plus PCHC Also the same
maybe from my mistake. please help with the solution

IDV_16.0.0.0_SoC_A_2022-08-05_PRD- (7.5 MB)


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I know that the pre-IME 16 systems are now legacy and there are fewer and fewer updates as well as the moderators wishing to focus on other things, but it’s been over six months since the last batch of IME firmware component updates (June 2022) to the repositories while there have been a number of ME Analyzer updates over the same timeframe.

I was hoping that maybe there could be a couple more semiannual repository updates to match the content of the ME Analyzer changes over the last six months and next year or so or pointers to some other source for the repository binary file updates.


helo sir need it this urjent

MEA recognizes CSE TXE but ME region is missing in repository (rev 19). Could you include it?

MEA report “This PHY TGP N firmware is not in the database!”
MX25L25633F@WSON8_SPI.part1.rar (5 MB)
MX25L25633F@WSON8_SPI.part2.rar (5 MB)
MX25L25633F@WSON8_SPI.part3.rar (2.0 MB)


Does anyone know where I can find a download of SPS ME System Tools (v4)? There are a few links around the forum where random people have posted download links for them, but those are all dead :-/