Intel DG965OT CPU Upgrade Help

I have a pc with a motherboard Intel DG965OT. My task is to upgrade the old Pentium 4 640 to a newer, powerful processor with support SSE4.1

I want to purchase any core 2 Quad / Xeon processor that supports SSE4.1 instruction

On the Intel website, the maximum supported processor is Core 2 Quad Q6700.
I also read information that people have successfully launched Core 2 Duo E7200 and xeon X3220, despite the fact that they are not officially supported

I did not find any ready-made BIOS, information that 45nm xeon was launched on this board (for example Xeon E5450)
But I found other, more interesting information that the Intel DG965SS models were successfully launched: Xeon E5310 (G0), E5320 (B3), L5408 (E0) (45 nm!)
Interestingly, on the official Intel website, this motherboard did not support 4 core processors at all, but only 2, despite the fact that the BIOS is the same as my DG965OT, which supports 4 core processors.

Intel has 11 motherboards on the 965 chipset: DG965MQ, DG965MS, DG965OT, DG965PZ, DG965RY, DG965SS, DG965WH,
DP965LT, DQ965CO, DQ965GF, DQ965WC and they all use the same BIOS version (same).

In HWInfo I found that the manufacturer of the bios "Insyde Software"

Please tell me which SSE4.1 processor you can choose to be sure to be sure that it will fit.


The question about the Xeon upgrade has disappeared, since I already have a Q6600 processor for a long time

Now I have another question.

I have a request if it is possible to remove all existing microcodes from BIOS (remove the damn old stuff), add microcodes for
Quad Q6600 and for Pentium 630 and 64


I am interested in updating the microcodes to the latest versions

Also on this motherboard there is a modern BIOS chip SST25VF080B, but it stubbornly does not want to be read by the ch341a programmer.

Tell me, what could be the matter if the chip is not readable? Manufacturer protection? If so, how do you get around it?

I am interested in turning off ME on this board and, if possible, put Coreboot on it

That motherboard bios chip is old, might be the cause that it could not get recognized by the programmer since it meant to be work on newer bios chip.

>This is why removing old microcodes and adding microcodes is not the main factor for it to boot correctly for that motherboard<

You could just update the bios to the latest since intel listed it as the supported processor since bios version 1713

Install your Q6600.
Do Load Defaults in BIOS, save and reboot.
Make DOS USB-stick (e.g, by Rufus), download and unzip all files for the modded version of CHECKUP7 to this DOS USB-stick.
Boot from this DOS USB-stick and make a photo of the screen with results.

@DeathBringer Here’s a photo.


Suitable microcode was injected into BIOS.

@DeathBringer As far as I understand, I now have the latest version of the 6FB microcode from 2010 year?

Yes, you’re right.

Better tell me why it is not read by the SST25VF080B programmer

I wanted to build a coreboot on this motherboard, but unfortunately, the chip is not readable.

Tell me, are there options to bypass the lock?

And if it doesn’t work, can you somehow completely remove ME without a programmer?

I’m not interested in that.