Intel DH61CR motherboard won't boot. External flashing?

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS

Should I erase the chip first?


Yes, sorry for not mentioning. Most of the time the programmer is set to erase by default anyway

Ok. Version 8 won’t work. Trying version 7 now.

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS

I’ve had no success with the two files you sent. I managed to get it to display the BIOS screen, POST and boot into windows using the ROM from Intel support that @lowicunr posted. The time isn’t correct and I keep running into activation issues.

This isn’t the ideal solution so I appreciate your support on this. I think that the proper fix that you talked about will work well.

Awaiting your response,

Yes, that BIOS he posted would need edited too, if you wanted to make it for your board. What happened with the longshot files I sent, how did the board react?

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS

The two longshot files didn’t work. The computer didn’t power up. Do whatever you think is best.


@rip_motherboard - That’s not good enough description for me to know what really happens Fans twitch for split second, nothing at all happens, fans spin up and nothing shows on screen, fans spin high speed until powered off etc. Description like that is a lot more helpful

Here, this should get you sorted out! You will loose UUID only, I think. I put in serial, LAN MAC and ME - however, this is based on what was flashed in the chip, from your initial backup.
If some parts of those volumes are bad I will have to redo this again from the Intel downloads, but they all looked OK so this is my next move for now. Don’t worry if fails again, it’s a process
This has different ME than you previously used probably, so be sure to do what I mentioned with draining all power from the board for 1+ minutes before/during or after programming before starting up the board again.

Due to cleared NVRAM, it may do a few reboots, I’m not sure. Or it may do nothing , it looks good though, hopefully this gets going proper!

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS

It does the same as the other two longshot files. The computer fans spin up, but nothing else happens and the power light goes out.


OK, thanks! Do the fans stay spinning, or only spin for a while/few seconds etc, how long does all this take before it’s powered off? And did you let it sit for a little bit after that, to see if it’s going to auto reboot after 15-30 seconds?

You did drain all power for over one minute correct? Here is 3 more to test, these are rebuilt from the base Intel 99 BIO image, try them in reverse order 4, 3, 2

If none of these work I may have to try to conjure up an Intel BIOS pro


The fan stays spinning but there is no sign of life from the computer. The power button light turns off after a second.

I will try those files ASAP.


None of those 3 latest ones I just uploaded work either?

It will be OK to use that BIOS, but you might have issues sometime with something (No LAN Ethernet without mac corrected, and probably no valid windows activation either even after lan mac and serial corrected due to no UUID). I’m not sure what the differences between those boards are, so can’t guess on possible issues.

Here is that BIOS with your serial and LAN MAC put in -

@CodeRush and @plutomaniac or @Fernando - do we have any Intel BIOS pros here that could help? I tried my best, and failed nicely No initial backup to start with puts me really far behind on Intel


Sorry for any confusion. I haven’t been able to test those three as I have been busy. I will test them now.


Hi @Lost_N_BIOS

Those three didn’t work, unfortunately. The CPU fan spun up but then slowed down, the power light didn’t light up and there was no video output.

The modified DH61DL ROM worked perfectly. There are no Windows Activation Errors, no Office Activation errors, everything is the same as it was before in the BIOS, the built-in Network Card works, Windows boots perfectly and I’ve not encountered any errors testing it in the past hour.

I think it should be fine like this. The BIOS works fine and my computer works!

I’d like to thank you so much. You have helped me lots and I can’t thank you enough! I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort you’ve put into this.

Thanks so much for your help,

Edit: Thanks also to everyone at

You’re welcome, and thanks for the update! I wish I knew what I was missing in those last edited files, I thought #4 would be OK for sure. Ohh well, maybe some day I will figure that out.

I changed that DH61DL BIOS to have your board serial number, AA number, and LAN MAC ID, and board ID to DH61CR in the BIOS.
It will be fine like that, but there may be some other location I missed for the board ID dealing w/ BIOS updating, but you’d have to check/try and let me know if you get BIOS or board ID error when trying to update with a correct BIOS for your board