Intel Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Drivers

The Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) is a unique feature of Intel® platforms that is available on many form factors, including workstations, desktops, notebooks, tablets, and IoT devices. Use it to run small portions of Java* code on Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine firmware.

If your system supports it (my Intel Z170 does), you can find it in device manager under software components.

Latest drivers I found on the internet:
Intel Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface 1937.14.0.1350

@gpvecchi :
Thanks for your initiative to start a new thread about Intel’s DAL drivers (AFAIK they contain no real drivers, but just INF files).
It would be a good idea to add to the start post
a) an information about what the Intel DAL drivers are doing and which systems need them resp. get benefit from them and
b) a link to the latest drivers.

@gpvecchi What driver date does your Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface v1937.14.0.1350 have? (The mega link is expired)
I also have this under software components and I had dal.inf v1914.13.1065 dated 04/04/2019

I found a newer version on station drivers in the Intel MEI 2012.14.0.1517 package:…id=4334&lang=en

That version is dated 23/01/2020 but the version numbering is totally off (v1.36.2020.121) so either Intel changed the version numbering or I’m using a faulty one. It does install through device manager tho.

Here’s a screen of both of them in my driverstore: