Intel HD 100th Post surprise tweak.

I’ll mod Intel HD graphics for XP for broadwell, skylake and kaby&coffee lake. (in 7-30 days or more). I’ll use dependency walker and IDA pro for it. Can you send me IDA pro 32 bit link to me?


are you sure you know what you’re doing? modding a driver isn’t an easy thing to do.

as an alternative to IDA pro, you can use relyze disassembler

@infuscomus - Thanks for linking him! That looks like a very capable, and quite similar alternative I’ve not see before, nice find

@XPWELL64 - If you do not like the above, you can find Hex Rays IDA 7.0 Pro (7.0.170914) in google easily
There is a newer version is around, but it’s a hassle to setup, I suggest the version I mentioned

1- Relyze is not free.
2- There isn’t any XP Support.
3- It is not an OLD SOFTWARE.


1. True, but you do get access to all of it’s features, even if only for 30 minutes at a time.
Alternatively, you could pay for it - it’s excellent software.

2. Why do you need XP support?

3. Why does it need to be “old software”?

I would just do the disassembly and edits on a newer system first and then copy it across to XP when I’m ready to test.

I have got an HP laptop with Win10.


great, you can use that HP laptop to do the disassembly and patching.

I’m downloading it now.

I Highly doubt it may work .
I previously modes 7 32bit driver for AMD but problem is that 3D never worked due to lack of WDDM even after fixing all API calls .
My best bet will be find out changes made in minport driver and port it to XP compatible driver.

I found a 6.8 version of IDA cracked around the web and it can generate a pseudocode of GPU drivers.

IDA Pro with crack:
v5.5 -
v6.1 -
v6.5 -
v6.8 -
v7.0 -
v7.2 -

Edit by plutomaniac: All warez links have been removed, not allowed on win-raid.

I’m downloading it now.