Intel hd 500 and wddm in windows 10

I have a cpu 6700 with a igpu hd 530
I would like to know if there is a way to modify the intel driver to be able to use the latest versions of wddm in windows 10.

currently intel only offers compatibility with wddm 2.1.

Install this driver -…
And show a screenshot of Display tab of dxdiag.

is the official controller?
is the one I am currently using


OK. Show screenshot of winver.

here you have


Try to replace igdkmd64.sys with modded version -…vWIp9PJzgfvWPR/
Boot in with disabled driver signature enforcement or enable test mode to install modded driver.
And show new screenshot of Display tab of dxdiag.

not work, its broken


@chorriwuarri WDDM 2.2 added stereoscopic support for Mixed Reality via Microsoft HoloLens which Intel’s HD 500 series does not support.

Although you can install newer drivers with WDDM greater than 2.1 the driver will fall back to the highest supported hardware level (in this case WDDM 2.1).

So my simple mod can’t help.

in that case, it would be impossible to trick the driver to use wddm 2.7? since I am not going to use Mixed Reality.

I have tried to modify iigd_dch.inf so that it thinks I have a hd 630 but it still uses wddm 2.1.

It will not change anything but a name.

It will not change anything but a name.


thank you very much for the help
I guess it would have been very easy to make it work just by editing that file.