Intel HD 630 7th gen Win7 x64

I would like to install Window 7 x64 on my Kaby Lake UEFI Class 3 laptop.
My CPU is a I5 7300HQ and laptop is Asus FX553VD.

I tried the uefiseven method but it does not fully resolve the issue:
On Windows 7 USB installer, I usually get a red bar on top of the screen with only UEFI enabled.
With CSM enabled, I get the A5 bsod with UEFI or full BIOS.
With uefiseven, it’s the same for UEFI except that there is no red bar.

I tried using W10 installer with W7 install.wim but the problem is the same after the installation.

Also, trying to boot in safe mode stops with dik.sys being the last file successfully loaded so the next one might be the one that makes the computer freeze.

So I was wondering if the graphics driver was not the cause because it looked like there is no driver for Windows 7 and that’s why I came to see if anyone has a modded driver.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: