Intel HD 630 Driver required for Windows 8.1 x64


I’m on Windows 8.1 x64 and cannot install the iGPU driver…
I believe it is HD 630
the CPU is 9600k

Can someone help ?

Kind Regards

@Jonny5isalivetm :
Please post the HardwareIDs of the on-board Intel Graphics adapter.


aka Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 @ 9600k

@Jonny5isalivetm :
AFAIK Intel has never released a Graphics HD630 driver, which supports your system’s specific HD630 adapter and Win8.1 simultaneously.
So you probably have to force the installation of an old driver, which natively doesn’t support the HardwareIDs of your on-board iGPU adapter, but may work with it nevertheless (e.g. the v21.20.16.5077 driver dated 06/28/2019, which is offered >here< by Station-Drivers). To get the original, but not 100% matching driver installed, you have to press the “Have Disk” button and to navigate to the related *.inf file.
Alternatively you can download the the driverpack from >here<.

Thanks for your efforts Fernando but sadly both drivers will not install even via "have disk" method o well, just today I got a bargain on new GPU on ebay so I wont need to look at Win10 for too much longer.