Intel i218-v driver (ASUS motherboard)

Hello all,
I would like to ask if anyone managed to make Intel I218-V on an ASUS motherboard work in Windows XP (32-bit). I’ve spent YEARS trying to install this driver in different ways, but neither other people’s solutions nor my own ideas worked.

Motherboard: ASUS H81-Gamer
Ethernet controller ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15A1&SUBSYS_85C41043&REV_05
OS: English Windows XP SP3 Pro VL (official MSDN download, no changes except AHCI drivers integration)

What I have tried so far:

1. ASUS website: no XP drivers there

2. Intel(R) Network Connections Software CDs:
- no XP drivers since 18.3
- I218-V drivers added since 18.1, but only for Win 7 and up

3. Intel(R) Network Connections Embedded Software (v11 or v12)
- contains XP driver for I218-V, but IDs don’t match
- forced installation results in Code 10 (This device cannot start)

4. Dibya’s Forced drivers:…r-for-xp-32bit/
- contains XP driver for I218-V, but it is same as in Intel(R) Network Connections Embedded Software
- forced installation results in Code 10 (This device cannot start)

5. Blackwingcat’s modded Windows 2000 drivers:
- INF file contains a matching ID
- same Code 10 error after installation (Win2000 driver may be unsuitable for XP, as the author mentions in comments)

6. XP drivers from 3 and 4 with a modified INF file with more IDs (attached below) that I made using Blackwingcat’s one as example:
- installs fine (no need to force-select a driver)
- still the same Code 10 error after installation

Checks were performed on both a clean system and a configured one.

Some users reported that a BIOS reset would fix Code 10 error for them → doesn’t work in my case.
Some users successfully installed I217-LM drivers instead of I217-V → forcing an I218-LM driver doesn’t work in my case.
The error is always the same: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

The adapter works perfectly in Windows 7, with both older ASUS and newer Intel drivers, so this issue is not hardware related.

Any advice or suggestions or useful info is welcome.
I can upload all of the drivers mentioned above, if that helps.

e1d5132.txt (92.4 KB)

@Ep.Cygni :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

Since I don’t have any experience about how to get modern Intel Network Controllers working while running Windows XP, I cannot help you myself.
Nevertheless I hope, that you will get help from anyone among our XP experts.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

@Ep.Cygni …this thread is pretty old but I’ll reply briefly in case someone is looking for a possible solution. The problem is that the driver required in XP for the Ethernet controller is for Windows 7 and requires exports from the XP ntoskrnl and ndys.sys that are not there. Just trying to prevent people looking for drivers that will work because there are none for XP that will work with an i218v controller. Some people have been modding ntoskrnl and other system files to add the exports but ndis.sys requires close to 30 exports to be added to the XP ndis.sys file. Furthermore, W7 ndis.sys calls another driver that is not available in XP.

The problem with adding exports is that certain exports can call other files/exports/imports from within and all of those calls have to be tracked down and satisfied. Otherwise BSODS can occur. Not as easy as it may seem, otherwise a LAN driver would be available. Don’t go away, I’m sure someone is working on it.


Search trough the Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware forum here.
Daniel K. and I get all drivers for Intel Lan I218 to work under XP,
but no one of the I219 family

@diderius6 …sorry I was talking about the i219 and said the i218. BTW…did you and Daniel get it working on a generation 300-series+ chipset? My W7 OS on a B360 chipset uses the i219v(7) but the equivalent x86 driver needs several exports in ntoskrnl and about 30 in ndis.sys. I am still looking at a way to solve that problem without messing with ntoskrnl or ndis.sys.

my bother is the intel i218-v (2) driver for .wxp64 2003 - i was mentioning on a another thread that.
so how could i get this one ?