Intel Leaked tools and firmware modding.

Hello. I am new to the forum. I am a overclocking and hardware enthusiasts. I have been poking around the leaked intel stuff for a few days and some of the stuff has given me an interesting idea. Given the tools for modifying and signing the microcode were released in the leak it might be possible to unlock a locked cpu via a firmware mod running custom microcode. I personally do not have the skills required to do this and was pointed to this forum as a place were people who might have said skills would be. So thought I would start a discussion on the possibility of it and try and bring the possibility to the attention of the modding and overclocking communities. If this could be developed into a tool that allows for easy modification of a bios and unlocking of a locked chip it could be of great use to low end system builders and those who are interested in hardware modding.

Thanks for letting us know about this Intel incident.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to prevent any public discussion and remove any posts with links or attachments to these files in order to preserve what little we have in this community to help everyone.

I hope you understand our reasoning behind this move.