Intel ME (downgrade/removal?)

I bought a prebuilt 6~ years ago from IBP. My initial issue was the inability to update BIOS due to my MB (ASROCK b250M pro4-IB) having a different bios than the retail (ASROCK b250M pro4), crossflashing resolved that, but i realized even the new asrock bios had BCLK removed.

I modded the bios and was able to get BCLK back in. I have a 7700K.
I’m able to boost the bclk now, my memory (limited to 2400) now can go up to pretty much 2900ish with no issues.
I’ve checked multiple places including cmd, and my memory has been overclocked.
My processor however, refuses to go above 4.4-4.5 ghz. (despite the bios showing higher speeds after the bclk OC)
I believe this may be due to intel ME. I read somewhere that EVEN if you edit the intel ME, it may still be limited due to something intel did.
Not too worried about the microcode, because I can flash an older modded OS if that becomes an issue and the bios overwrites the microcode to the older version.

you could use CoffeeTime to disable the HAP Bit for ME. If you dont really care about using TPM and Secure boot, then you could even use the board for chinese mutant cpus XD.

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:o I kind of was going to skip all the hassle and upgrade, since I’m doing it anyways I’ll try that tonight for other people and post back how far I make it Lool.