Intel NUC11TNBi5 AHCI driver

I can’t find a AHCI driver for the Intel NUC11TNBi5:…nuc11tnbi5.html

Extracting this one and trying to install it via device manager Windows is telling me that the best driver is already installed:…ver-for-NUC11TN

@Paradise :
Why do you want to install an Intel AHCI driver? Is the Win10 in-box MS AHCI driver not good enough? Which problems do you have?

The currently latest Intel AHCI driver is v18.31.5.1038 WHQL. You can find it >here<.

The F6 folder of that package only contains a VMD driver, but no AHCI driver.

I thought Intel AHCI is preferred/better than the Standard SATA AHCI Controller?

Not automaticly. The user may have to test both sorts of drivers and to compare the results.

You have this Standard SATA AHCI Controller: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A0D3 ??? Present on Intel Core i5-1135G7.