Intel Optane P5800X 1600GB on the Clevo X170KM-G

Hi guys!
i have very interesting idea how to install Intel optane P5800X 1600GB into my barebone laptop clevo x170km-g.
i do not know how to, but i see problems with a logic of using connectors and adaptors.
Like sample, i know where to buy good M.2 to SFF-8639, but how to connect in good place POWER? i really so confused. i do not want connect power from power supply, may be someone know any solution from Thunderbolt port or USB 3.2 or sata interface of laptop or something else?! Intel optane 1600GB required 21W for power supply.
Who know intersting things how to…? welcome please :slight_smile:


It should definately be doable.

You just need to check whether or not it uses 5v for its power or 12v and or 3.3v aswell.

When you figure that out try and find a component that you could tap in to borrow some of the power supply from.

However if you are not familiar with soldering and schematics I would probably advise staying away from this kind of mod as you are risking not only your VERY expensive laptop but also a VERY expensive drive.

I just checked again and you claim that it requires 21W of total power. That is actually a lot and more care should be taken where you tap in to steal some of that power. Make sure that specific power rail doesnt get overloaded.