Intel OROM

I was reading more on this OROM version and I found this in the forums

Boot Off Optical Drive Problem with Intel OROM

Is this an isolated issue or will this happen to all who use this OROM? I am thinking of going to this OROM, but now hesitating.

@ denaba:

There is no general "boot off optical drive problem" with the Intel RAID ROM v12.7.0.1936. There are only very few users, who reported about issues, but most of them had installed the OS in UEFI mode with limited or disabled CSM support and were not able to boot off non-UEFI bootable CDs or DVDs, but this may happen with all actual SataDriver modules of the v12 series.

OK, then I may just try this on my P8P67 Pro B3 boards and see. Still got to make time to work on my laptop too.

Thanks Fernando

Installed the OROM in to my P8P67 Pro B3, did have a small problem, but fixable.

Originally I had
Single SSD

When I flashed to the things seemed fine like programs launching, but when I had to go and install the RST it was very, very, sloooowww. Even doing searches for files. Once I got to install the RST from my library and rebooted everything was fine. Much to say when Fernando says to use like RST with like OROM. That’s just me guessing though why the slowness. I updated to the RST and everything is still fine. I have a single Corsair GT 90GB so benches are not the greatest, but here are the results from my last installs vs these new ones. with with

We can add this to the "success" mods listing.
Vendor Product - Asus P8P67 Pro B3
Sort - MB
Chipset/SB - Intel P67
Inserted BIOS Modules - OROM with RST
Results - Success
Remarks - see thread
User name - denaba

Thanks again Fernando for helping me over these months.

@ denaba:

Congrats for having successfully modded the BIOS of your Intel P67 System.
I will add your modding results to the table as soon as possible.
The benchmark results are identical, but I am sure, that you now have a better system stability and the ability to get benefit from the features of actual Operating Systems like Windows 8.1.

By the way: Have you inserted the original Intel RAID ROM v12.7.0.1936 or the modded one with TRIM in RAID0 support (as option for a later RAID0)?

I just did the inserted one.

Please expain, what this means. Which sort of Intel RAID ROM v12.7.0.1936 (original or modded) did you take?

I took the original