Intel RAID 0 not seen by EFI Shell

I am fairly unfamiliar with all the concepts debated in this forum. Please apologise in advance if some
of the questions may seem naive.
My laptop boots from a raid 0 dual ssd in EFI mode.
The controller is an Intel SATA one (known as fakeRAID in the Linux world apparently).
I have recently managed to dual boot the computer with Windows 8,1 and Linux.
However after a crash of Linux (rare event), the computer does not boot any more.

I boot into a EFI Shell to try to see if I could repair the ESP. However, I cannot see the raid 0 disk.
That’s what brings me to this forum. I believe the raid 0 still works (I manage to build the disk
itself with the raid although I cannot see the partition) but it might be corrupted.

I have two questions:
- is it possible that the raid 0 is still to be activated before the EFI shell boots,
in which case it would explain why I do not see it.
- if the previous is excluded, how can I check how corrupted the disk is ?

Thanks in advance.

@ Athos:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

It seems, that the EFI boot sector has become corrupted.
This is what I recommend to do:
Boot off the Win8.1 DVD resp. USB Flash drive in EFI mode and choose the "Repair" option.
After having done that, you should be able to boot into your previously installed Win8.1 RAID0 partition.

Good luck!

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for your suggestion. The computer has a factory installed system.
I have created a backup and recovery (6 DVDs) but that suggests to
wipe the drive and re-install everything, which I am reluctant to go
given that I have spent hours installing both systems.
At any rate, I have tried a lot of solutions Parted Magic, Boot Repair and ALT Linux.
I believe the issue is beyond the reach of automatic fixes. I would like to
access the ESP and see if I can correct some entries manually.


@ Athos:

Another option is to boot off a Live-OS device and to run the tool EasyBCD v2.2. It is able to repair the EFI boot sector of a dual boot system.

I’ll try that. Thanks.