Intel raid and AHCI complete mess in finding INF, Driver and software for raid options.

I work on hardware for more than 30 years, had always the first new architecture solutions for raid and CPU, I mean always multi thread/multiprocessors and raid options as matrix for SCSI and now SATA. And it was never this hard to get proper files for proper hardware as now.

Fernando I am appreciating your job and other guys here but … this threads went to long as well as links are lost from simple search.

I guess the new simple threats for several generations of PC platforms would help much and could be links in general discussions on all old ones.

FI.: I am now after hardware failure of my friend computer… the failure was power supply connector to disk. And his not conscious letting windows repair something on SATA Raid.

basically his platform is:
P45 ich10R win7

But his maintained for more than 7 years system has gone…

We finally did recover most of data from destroyed matrixes, but… zonk…
Neither here nor on Intel I can find proper three files to finalize installation of system. All named in Title of thread.

The time I spent searching for it and testing… is too much … I guess some PPL with less experience will leave/left the forum naming it with words where least offensive is nerdish kwatch.

Just look what info can I get on search ICH10R P45…

I know that tuning the newest platforms is big fun, but getting most from older one can show some surprises IE.: that it can work as efficient as new stuff…

I was there on this forum many times and once upon a time were registered… but lost credentials :slight_smile:
So now I would like to speak as voice of reason… to come back a bit step back and do some simplifications… as Intel is as normal Corporation implementing theirs OFC sell policies is doing big mess too.

Regards with eine freundliche Grüße


It is not easy for me to understand the sense of your contribution.

It is not my fault, that some threads became very voluminous since I started this Forum in May 2013, but there is no need to search for usable informations in the depths of the threads, because (nearly) all thread openers of this Forum
a) store all important informations within the start post of the related thread and
b) keep the start post up-to-date.

Your chosen thread title doesn’t contain the names of the 3 files, which are required to finalize the OS installation onto an Intel RAID system.
The problem is, that all available Intel RAID drivers and their accociated *.INF and *.CAT files have exactly the same names:
1. iaStor/iaStorA.sys (= real driver)
2. iaStor/iaStorAC.inf (= information file for the installation)
3. iaStor/ (= catalog file with the digital signature).
By the way: The RAID Software is not recessary to get a RAID system working.

This gives me a lot of hints, but why didn’t you simply look into the start post of >this< thread? At the bottom is a table with the exact driver versions, which I recommend to use with ICH10R Southbridge resp. P45 Chipset systems? Additionally the same start post contains links to the place, where the user can find working download links to the related drivers.

Did you forget both (nickname and password)? Why didn’t you send me an eMail?