Intel Raid write hole

So I was wondering about the setting "Close Raid Write Hole"
I’m currently using a C232 based system with 4x10TB drives in raid 5.

I had switched it to Distributed, and I’m not sure if that caused this or not but just yesterday I was copying a large file to the system and previously I didn’t have any issue with the copy maintaining 60-70MB/s over the network (there’s a wireless link in the path), but yesterday it kept dropping to less than 10MB/s. Since the wite hole setting is the only one that came to mind as far as a recent change I’ve switched it back to the default of “Off”.

But for data integrity I think it’d be good to have it set to something other than “off”.

Does this sound like it could be related to that setting? The file was about 36GB.

Also for the “journaling drive” option is there a sizing best practice? Also can the journaling drive be an NVMe drive?