Intel Rapid Storage for HHDD (HDD+SSD cache) question

Guys, I need your help. I have Sony Vaio T11 (SVT1112S1RS) on Intel HM77 express. Sata HDD + mSATA SSD.


Initial state of IRST was follow:


AFAIK, Data_Volume RAID0(Stripe) used for Intel Rapid Start (?) and Cache_Volume RAID0(Cache) - as cache for HDD. System loaded really quick. But I’ve made some wrong actions and delete partitions while installing windows 10. And now I can’t return those initial settings.
Once I tried re-create same partition, but I can’t create “Cache”. No option for this. And now I even can’t get into IRST Option ROM via Ctrl+I. There’s no any option in BIOS to change settings to “RAID” or any RAID settings at all. Just “Boot mode: AHCI or Legacy”.
I tried to install Windows 10 on HDD, then install IRST and create accelerated HDD, but performance didn’t change and system loading vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyy sllllooooowwwww than when it was on inital state.
So, I can’t understand where to start to return those changes.
RST command line interface or what?
Any help, plz…

@AndyJOKER : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
What you certainly mean is the “Intel(R) Smart Response Technology”. >Here< is a description of the technology and >here< is a video, which shows how to create the combination of the HDD (for the OS) and the SSD (for Caching).
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks! It seems work with in my case . Finally…