Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Special statuts original Xbox disk is shown as locked, unavailable for any operation how to unlock it?

i connected original Xbox disk to Windows 10 Intel Sata controller… It has strange status Locked and its not available. Problem is that i cant connect it back in console because some settings are wrong and its not booting, so i need access that through PC… I tried other old disk, with some Xbox unlock utility and its readable in PC… This i need to unlock is its clone… and unlocking utility show me password so it would maybe work with without too.

Is there some windows disk unlocking utility? If this lock is some multiplatform feature, even known to Intel drivers?

I have found some very old unlocking Xbox utility but its for IDE and Dure dos, so it would need some retro pc.

LockedDisk.png (9.84 KB)

@ruthan : Why did you install the Intel RST Software at all? It only makes sense, if you have created or want to create an Intel RAID array.

Hmm, im not using it in old systems, but in new ones, its part of some driver package… and its gui is not bad… there is some useful info and also give me notification center message that new drive was properly connected on which port etc… You can probably get it through HWinfo… but Hwinfo is bugged with Asmedia controllers and it permanetly disconnects driver on Asmedia controller, right after execution and author is not willing to fix it…