Intel RST console not load and errors out when try to run console


Basically I replaced motherboards from a Z270-WS to Z270 Apex IX with out reinstalling the OS. Was pretty much a success. Can get into Windows off of my M.2 Raid array no problem. Anyhow modded the bios for the Apex IX replacing the 15.5.XXXX efi roms with ver 16.5.0.XXXX from the Apex X Z370 Board. Problem is that I can not get the Intel Console to run no matter how many times I reinstall different versions of RST drivers. I get an error message like ‘Unknown error occured while running application’ and it promptly fails. Not sure what the issue is here as in my UEFI bios I can get into the Raid console and verify the rom module version and view the raid arrays. I can even access my raid arrays in windows and boot into one of them!

So not sure whats going on. Perhaps the software has become corrupt and the driver package needs to be cleaned out in its entirety of which I don’t know how?


Think its a NET framework error. Must have to reinstall NET. Joy.