Intel RST Option ROM/RaidDriver 18.X for Asus H170-PRO mainboard?

I have an Asus H170-Pro Motherboard with currently the Intel Rapid Storage Option ROM 15.9 (both UEFI and Legacy). Is there a newer Option ROM that is compatible with this motherboard ? I already tried version 16.0 but the motherboard crashed (had to do a BIOS reset on the motherboard). Is there any modded UEFI or legacy Option ROM available for this motherboard ? it has an Intel ICH10R Raid controller .

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ICH10R… sure, on a H170…really?

ROM…and with a bios reset it went back to version 15 again… thats a huge finding method, u must share with us.

Point B - Latest/best Intel RST drivers from the v17 platform

Intel RST/RSTe Drivers (latest: v18.33.0.1003 WHQL/v7.5.0.1990 WHQL)

The latest Intel RST drivers, which do support Intel 100-Series chipset SATA AHCI and RAID Controllers, are the v17.7 series ones (latest Intel RST RAID ROM/EFI RaidDriver: v17.7.0.4404), but I do not recommend to update the Intel RAID BIOS modules. The Intel RST RAID drivers and BIOS modules from v16 platform up were designed for the newest Intel chipsets from 300-Series up. You will be absolutely disappointed, if you put them into the BIOS.

No, there is no modded Intel RAID module for your mainboard, which definitively has no ICH10R RAID Controller (as MeatWar already has stated).