Intel Serial IO I2C Host Controller Intel Kabylake and later Windows 8.1

I finally got the stupid touchpad in my Dell Precision 7530 to work with Windows 8.1. Here’s how:

  1. Download these: File sharing and storage made simple They’re intended for Intel Skylake, but can be made to work with Kabylake and later by simply adding in the Device IDs.

  2. Please read the Read Me for a list of supported devices. If yours is not listed, you will need to mod the INF to include it.

  3. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement. If you have a multi-boot, you can just simply reboot and then select Change Default or other options on the boot menu. If not, navigate to Settings->Update and Recover->Recover->Advanced Startup->Restart. Click Restart now again and the Advanced options will appear.

  4. Go to Device Manager and System Devices. In there, there will be a few devices named Intel Device (or they may have the name of the device already). These will report as having no driver installed, so right click->Update->Browse->Select from a list->Have Disk->And then point it to iaLPSS2_I2C_SKL.inf. Install away.

  5. Install the touchpad driver that corresponds to your device whether it be Synaptics, ALPS, or Elan. Dell uses a customized version of ALPS known as Dell Touchpad. If you have this, you can find the driver on the driver page for your Dell laptop model. Just select Windows 10 from the dropdown.

  6. Restart if prompted and voila, the touchpad should be fully functional!