Intel Technology Access

So recently I’ve found a thread on Guru3d regarding about this program called “Intel Technology Access” and was wondering what it actually does. From what I’ve read, users who installed this program found that it infact reduces stutter in games by manipulating “timer resolution”( I dont even know if program does this thing. It’s just what I’ve read from users posts). I looked up almost everywhere but found no proper answer for this particular question. And I thought that maybe someone in this forum knows what it actually does.

Thank you.

Link for the thread I’m talking about:

@ looky:
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I don’t really know that.
Nevertheless i I have just downloaded the latest Intel(R) Technology Access driver from >this< Intel Download Center page.
This is what Intel writes about the usage:

By the way: The driverpack contains at least 2 different Intel Technology Access drivers v1.5.0.1009 WHQL dated 07/09/2015:

  1. 32/64bit “Intel Technology Access TAP drivers” and
  2. 32/64bit “Intel Technology Access Filter drivers”.

Meanwhile I have installed them onto my Z97 system, but haven’t yet found any performance boost and not even a new device within the Device Manager.

If anybody should be interested in the “pure” 32/64bit Intel Technology Access TAP and Fiter drivers, I will upload them.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

After reading this and doing a google search to see if I need it, I read on the Microsoft Support Site that these files are for helping windows determine if browsers and such need to display in tablet or clamshell mode, a 2-in-1 switch is the hardware, and this drives it…

could be wrong, just filling a blank if anyone was still wondering…