Intel Z370 RAID 1 or mirroring with Storage Spaces?

Guys, I’ve been using my motherboard’s RAID 1 function for quite long to mirror two of my disks and so far no problems. However, the performance of this array is not very good, especially the write performance. The reading is surprisingly slow too though. It’s ok because I use them mainly for storing photos but I’ve been wondering, if I used the mirroring function of Storage Spaces, would it give me better performance?

@bobypf :
Since I never used an Intel RAID1 array or used the MS “Software RAID” option, I cannot answer your question.
My advice: Do a Google Search for “Intel RAID 1 vs Storage Spaces”, “Hardware vs Software RAID” or something similar.
Maybe reading of >this< and >this< publication will help you to find the best solution for your system.