IRST RAID0 driver for X99 chipset

I read some post saying the latest v14 driver has issues on X99. What’s the best IRST driver for RAID0 on the X99 chipset ?
Or should I consider to use a M.2 drive ? I guess it has to be a single M2 because RAID is not support for M2 right?

Has anyone posted benchmarks for such as setups you can refer me to?

The recommended driver is IRST driver version which is best paired with the Intel EFI / RAID OROM modules version

Does the X99 support TRIM on RAID0 out of the box? or do I still need to modify the ROM

Yes the X99 platform negatively supports TRIM in RAID 0 without modification.

So just to double check, I just need to install the "IRST driver version" driver for the RAID0 TRIM support right? thanks,

No, all the IRST driver versions 12.x and up support RAID0 TRIM but the IRST driver version is recommended for the X99 platform when in RAID0.