Is AHCI mode possible?

Hi Guys, I am new here so please bear with me. I have an OLD Compaq SR5275AP desktop with an ECS 945GCT-HM motherboard BIOS is v5.25 running Windows 7. Recently I install a Crucial M4 128gb (Read 450mb/s / Write 175mb/s) SSD as my main drive. My benchmarks show I am getting about 50% of its capability.

19 Nov 2013.JPG

17 Nov 13.JPG

I am aware that enable AHCI mode will improve SSD capability but my BIOS does not have this option. I then try to update controller driver with the Intel® Matrix Storage & Intel® RST drivers but both failed (error saying does not meet the minimum requirement).

Controller driver.JPG

Are there any ways that could possibly improve the SSD performance? Thanks in advance…

@ Jhawk55:
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With your ECS 945GCT-HM mainboard you cannot install any AHCI driver, because the on-board Intel SATA Controller obviously doesn’t support the AHCI standard features.

If you want to get the full SSD performance, you will need a system with an actual AHCI supporting SATA3 Controller. Alternatively you may buy and insert a SATA3 PCI Express card (if your mainboard has a free PCIe lane and will support booting off it), but I doubt, that it will be worth a try.


Thanks Fernando for your speedy response, guess I have to accept the fact. Thanks again…