Is it possible to add DDR3 16GB Ram support to an unsupported mainboard with a bios mod?

after the great success with 2 nvme bios roms Lost N Bios made for me. A very big thank you to Lost N Bios.

I was wondering if it is possible to modify the
bios in a way to add ddr3 Ram support on a unsupported mainboard
to make it work with 16GB DDR3.

Specifically for ct204864BD160B it’s a udimm Unregistred ram

I have a new one lying here around but my Asrock extreme 4 x79 refuses to boot with it. Because it isnt supported according to the manufacturer.

Quick question is it possible to Add compatiblity for DDR3 Ram 16GB capacity with a bios mod? yes or no or is it too much of a hassle?


So i guess it is not possible then. if it is please let me kindly know.