Is it possible to add Nvme support to AMD motherboard?

The ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 has Nvme support from the latest bios.

My ASRock 990FX Extreme4 has not Nvme support. Is it possible to add Nvme support to this Board?

970 Extreme3 R2.0(2.30) (3.17 MB)

990FX Extreme4(2.70) (2.67 MB)

It should be possible, but you probably have to find out yourself the way how to do it.

Update on 01/03/2021: The above reply was written by me in January 2016. At that time only Intel chipset systems were tested regarding the possibility to get full NVMe support by inserting an NVMe module into the BIOS.
Already 2 years later we were sure, that >this< Guide works with AMD chipset systems as well.

The Asrock 970 extreme3 r2 supports nvme with latest bios but, doest it work as a primary to install an OS?

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Yes, you can find >here< a guide about how to get Win10 properly installed onto an NVMe SSD. It is within Chapter 4. of the section “This is what you should do”.
Good luck!
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Edit: I thought I didn’t need to do anything because Asrock added compatibility in its last BIOS update.

ReEdit: excuse me. I didn’t notice I have to do little; not flash ROM or anything complicated.

I finally succeeded, but not without wrong steps. I had to clear CMOS many times because PC made 5 beep and it even didn’t permit access to BIOS

Many thanks