Is it possible to change a BIOS "GUI"?

Hello, Today I started modding the ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 Latest BIOS Firmware (2603).

While I was modding it, updating the modules, changing the logo and what else. I thought by myself: "Is it even possible to change the Graphical Interface of the BIOS?"

I wanted to turn the GUI into the ASUS Crosshair V Formula’s reddish color, to no avail mostly because I have no idea of which module is responsible of holding all the graphics.

So here I am, asking for advice.

@ ps5cfw:
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Since I have never had the desire to change the UEFI BIOS GUI (and will never try to do it), I cannot help you.
Maybe someone else is able to answer your question.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

I see, I understand the difficulty of the task and I may proceed to avoid it, but since we’re here, I may ask another question (which may lead to even more BIOS modding?)

Regardless of the BIOS or the situation, using my BIOS while having an HDMI cable is a complete mess, is there something I can do with modding?

by the way, this is what I mean for MESS:

Half of the BIOS isn’t usually shown, mouse is unusable, scrolling with keyboard causes a rather messy situation, it’s really hard to work with this situation, and I found nothing online.…nlocked-bios-v1

Maybe it helps, if you follow the link posted by Gregory Tumanyan.
I am sorry for not having answered your question earlier.

@ Gregory Tumanyan:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thanks for having posted the link!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Here are the components of the setup menu. They use multiple images to create that effect and they also use a special packaging of those images. I have already written on how to extract them and how to handle/replace them, but no one offered to test my ideas, even though it was a request from at least two users. Since it is not the first time when users come with a request and then completely ignore your help (some of them just want the final product to be handed to them, like in a market), I have no desire to offer any further assistance. I have posted only to show that it can be done.

GUI_M5A97-EVO-R20-ASUS-2603.rar (487 KB)

Oh you posted a guide? somehow I missed that?!? I’ve been waiting for it. from when we talked last. kept searching the forum feed never saw it show up!?!
if it’s not to much trouble a link to the thread would be awesome! :slight_smile:

I am willing to test this process as the possibility of bricking is nil as I have a dual bios board!

Hello guys! I have a difficult question:

my laptop bios is aptio V but it has a graphical user interface.
Al bios modding usually happens with the text mode bios setup.
My bios (notebook asus gl703vd) has both inside the bios flash but only the GUI is shown so any modification done with amibcp modiefies the text mode setup but obviously not the GUI setup utility.
Now I wish to know if any of you know a way to execute the text mode setup (in bios that usually has a graphical interface) or if there is some varibale or hotkey to obtain that.

This is the bios I am dealing with:

Any help is apreciated!


Not the question is difficult, only its answer


Hey! It’s interesting to me too. Please share your guide. I want to remove the GUI of my GA-970a-DS3P (rev 2.x) in order to use the old fashioned text menu.

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